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How do I apply?

Submission of application

The rental houses can be viewed on the Apartments page. The application is submitted on the youth housing association Nuorisoasuntoliitto – NAL application service. After the submission of the application the applicant will be sent a confirmation and verification number via e-mail. An interview is called separately by phone or e-mail.

The application is valid only for 3 months. Apartment may not always be possible to provide within this time. Applications should be kept up to date with your situation. The application should be removed, if the apartment is not necessary.


Attachments are requested to be presented in an interview. Depending on the situation it may be possible to get interviewed shortly and the requested attachments should be therefore maintained. The required attachments are:

  • Specification of the most recent confirmed certificate of taxation.
  • Records of income: Employment contract, last salary receipt or other proof of regular income.
  • If the applicant is not a Finnish citizen, you will also need a passport and/or residence permit.
  • All applicants credit history is checked. If the applicant has a bad credit history, he is requested to submit a listing of debtors enforced issues given by the execution authority.

All tenancy agreements are time-limited. Period of residence is for a maximum of 5 years. The resident may resign from the apartment on one calendar month’s notice.

Selection criteria

Apartments may be applied by 18-29-year-old persons. Tenant selection priority is given to those young people who are becoming independent, are homeless, working or venturing into the working life. The Housing Finance and Development Centre Ara defines the selection criteria and order of urgency.

Local selection of tenants

Tenant selections are handled locally. NAL Asunnot has outsourced the tenant selection to Youth Housing Associations local organizations, which make the selection of tenants and answers any questions regarding housing and selection. In Helsinki the tenant selection is made by NAL Asunnot Oy.

Pääkaupunkiseudun Nuorisoasunnot ry 

Keski-Uudenmaan Nuorisoasuntoyhdistys

Riihimäen seudun nuorisoasunnot ry, RIINU

Porvoon nuorisoasunnot – Pois mamman padalta ry

Turun Seudun Nuorisoasunnot ry

Joensuun seudun nuorisoasuntoyhdistys, Josna ry

Kirkkonummen Nuorisoasunnot ry: Tiina Salonranta, tel. 045 2616 415

Heinola and Lahti: Aari Isännöinti, Tarja Raikas, tel. 020 7340 841

Karkkila and Nummela: Suojaverkko Oy, Sami Siitonen, tel. 044 302 8880



At the start of housing

Security deposit and home insurance

Rental security deposit must be paid at the latest when you pick up the keys. A commitment of expenditure is also valid as rental security deposit. Receipt or commitment of expenditure must be present when picking up the keys.

Rental security deposit is determined by the apartment size:
• Less than 40 m², 650 euro
• More than 40 m², 950 euro.

Home insurance reduces the amount of security deposit by 100 euro. A insurance policy has to be presented at the latest when picking up the keys.


Electricity agreement and change of address notification

A tenant makes the electricity agreement themselves. Also notice of removal in advance or at the latest within one week is on the tenants responsibility to be made. The notice of removal can be done on website.


Moving-in notification for maintenance company

Moving-in notice (Tuloilmoitus) is made to the maintenance company with a form. Based on the notice, the tenants name is changed on the door and nametable. Maintenance company can by request, open the door to the apartment, only to individuals registered in the apartment.



During the housing

Payment of rent and payment reminder

The due date for rent payment is always the second business day of the month. The rent is paid with apartment-specific reference number, which is shown on the invoice. If the reference number can’t be used for some reason, the name and address of the tenant has to be notified in the message field of bank transfer.

Any delay in payment will be followed by a reminder. Due to the continuing payment defaults or increase in unpaid rents, measures are taken to terminate the rent agreement. Already the first payment reminder should be taken seriously and if necessary contact with the landlord should be made.


Lost keys and additional keys

Lost keys are made the landlord in notice in writing. In addition to the lost keys the serialization of locks may be charged. All additional keys are ordered via the landlord. Additional key price is 40 euro/piece.


The obligation to notify changes in inhabitants

It is the duty of the tenant to notify of a change in the number of inhabitants. This is done with changes in housing form (Muutos asumisessa). The water fee is determined according to the number of residents in the apartment.


Disorders and disorder notification

Everyone has the right to undisturbed housing and domestic peace. It is not allowed to disturb the neighbors in the apartment or the public area. In particular between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. o’clock is to avoid noise. Loud noise is not allowed either at other times of the day. The tenant is responsible for their guests and their doings in the property area.

Whenever possible, the situation can be tried to be solved with housing counselor and/or with the disturbing neighbor. Claims of disorder can be made to the landlord. A claim of disorder is responsible act of own and others housing. The situation can be addressed only by in writing made notification. A disorder claim  (Häiriöilmoitus) can also be made to property manager by e-mail.

General rules of order are applied in each dwelling object. The use and grow of drugs is prohibited by Finnish law and NAL Asunnot doesn’t allow this in its dwellings and property areas under any circumstances. All cases are reported to the authorities and the landlord will take action to end the tenancy agreement.


Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance of the apartment is of the tenant’s responsibility. If the apartment has something wrong, the tenant must be in contact with the maintenance company or the technical house manager. Urgent maintenance problems such as water damage must be immediately made to the maintenance company, regardless of the time of day. The residents do not have right to make renovations or changes in the apartment.


The notice of termination

The notice of termination is always done in writing by filling the the termination form (Vuokrasopimuksen irtisanominen) with a handwritten signature. The notice period is one full calendar month. Example: If the tenant terminates 14.5. ceases the responsibility for the payment of rent 30.6. When the notice of termination has been processed, the tenant will receive detailed instructions about the key return and move-of-stay cleaning.

More instructions in ”At the end of the housing.”


Normal wear and tear

Normal wear and tear is for example aging of surfaces and cupboards. Incurred table paintings, mirrors and lamps attachment and small holes caused by removal of them is normal wear and tear. Read more detailed instructions in Usual wear and tear -instruction (Tavanomainen kuluminen -ohje).


Tenant democracy and tenant activity

Tenant activity is the voluntary activities of the residents. However, it gives residents the opportunity to influence their own residential affairs. The aim is to increase the comfort of living and to promote the management and maintenance of rental houses.

According to the law, all inhabitants of state-supported rental apartments have the right to participate in decision-making on the house. Residents’ meeting is an annual meeting, where all the residents are called. Residents’ meeting elects the members of the residents’ committee, which gives statements about the budget, amount of rent, repairs and contents of house rules. In addition, the residents’ committee organizes projects for refurbishing etc. residential activities. Also the board of the company directors must have resident representatives.

NAL Asunnot supports residents’ activities each year with a grant for the decided use by the residents’ committee of each house. The money is managed by the local youth housing association. Further information gives the housing counselor.



Subtenancy means that the main tenant takes another person to live with them. Main tenant is responsible for rent payment, housing and the condition of the apartment. The landlord and the maintenance company has to be informed of the subtenants personal identity. Subtenant is not added to the rental agreement, but the main tenant will be added a second water charge.

Subtenancy is a agreement between main tenant and the subtenant, which of it is good to provide a copy to the landlord. Subtenancy agreement cannot be longer than the main rental agreement and not for an indefinite period. If you want that another person is added to the rental agreement, the normal selection process of resident will apply, that is, he is called for an interview and is requested the same attachments as other housing applicants are requested.



Sublease means that the main tenant will rent the apartment to another person. Sublease is possible, when the main tenant moves to another locality or abroad for the purpose of study or work. Main tenant is responsible for the apartment and the rent payment, even if he subleased the apartment. Sublease agreement is a agreement between main tenant and the sublessee, which of it is good to provide a copy to the landlord.

The tenant should always ask permission from the landlord to rent the apartment further. Sublease agreement cannot be longer than the main rental agreement and not for an indefinite period. NAL Asunnot gives permission to sublease the apartment usually for a maximum of six months.

At the end of housing

Removal cleaning

The tenant is responsible for the condition of the apartment, as well as the move-of-stay cleaning. If the cleaning has not been done according to the cleaning instructions (Huoneiston muuttosiivous), the cleaning costs will be charged from the rental security deposit.


Apartment inspection

Apartment inspection is made during the resign notice period, however at the latest after the return of keys. In the inspection of the apartment the condition and potential damage caused by inhabitants is identified. Deficiencies are to be charged from rental security deposit.

Key return

All keys belonging to the apartment has to be returned no later than at 12 noon the next business day after the end of the tenancy. Example: the tenancy will end on Wednesday, 30.9. The keys has to be returned at the latest on Thursday 1.10. at 12 noon. If the keys are lost or broken, the price of keys or a lock serialization will be charged according to the price list. Detailed instructions for return of the keys will be issued when the termination is processed.

Refund of rental security deposit

The security deposit will be returned within one month after the end of the lease on the account indicated by the tenant. If it is necessary to charge e.g. repair costs, refund may take longer.


Housing glossary

k = kitchen
kk = kitchenette
1 h = no separate bedroom
2 h = 1 bedroom + 1 separate room
3 h = 2 bedrooms + 1 room
tpk = living room/kitchen (open-plan kitchen, no separate bedroom)